The benefits of coming home: My journey of fulfillment and growth in Puntland

On returning home, finding peace, completeness and freedom

Part A: Letting the heart speak

In January of 2011 I moved to live and work in Puntland as an EU consultant to contribute to efforts in the education sector. Prior to that deployment I’d worked in The Hague, the cultural capital of the Netherlands, a country that has been home to me and my siblings for over 15 years. I’d traveled then with my beloved husband and our 6-month old baby Najma-Bilan.

We all seek meaning in life. We all seek happiness. Belonging. Completion. Fulfillment. Growth. Home. Family. We came to Puntland in search of these values because we could not find them in Europe. We lived like dispersed seeds in Europe. Like lost souls. Running but not reaching. Working but not gaining. Earning but just not enough. Its not easy living as a Somali woman in Europe. No matter how many degrees you have. True sense of growth cant be calculated…

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