Challenges keeping girls away from school in Puntland

So much has been written about girls education in Puntland. But few have actually conducted sound research in understanding the issues. And so since January we have been conducting empirical research, through different means, on what the challenges are facing Somali girls are in education in Puntland.

One of the methods being used to explore the topic was an online debate with the question;

“What are some of the real challenges facing Somali girls in education in Somalia: in access, in retention, in participation, in completion? Please share your experiences, thoughts and suggestions.”

The research is ongoing. Nevertheless, the following answers have been given so far:

1. They use too much of of Social Media, eg Facebook

2. Watching too much of television shows especially the masasal ones or the series

3. Lack of future plans/career

4. Lack of rolemodels/female teachers to inspire the girls to achieve more

5. Lack of proper sanitation, hygiene and water

6. Lack of leadership trainings, assertiveness courses

7. Getting married and discontinuing education

8. Too many household chores in the absence of the mother who is the breadwinner

Keep contributing. Follow the discussion on Social media.

#RealChallengesSomaliGirlsFaceinEducation #Somalia #Puntland


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