Fallen (s)heroes, fallen colleagues ‪#‎UNICEF‬

That attack on our psyche. On our hearts. Our souls.

How can we pretend as though nothing has happened?

And carry on. Go about doing same old things?

And function normally.

We are traumatized.

We are in need of healing.

We want to shout. Scream.

Beat up. Hurt someone.

We are mad. Furious.

We cry for our fallen colleagues.

For our friends.

For my friends.

I cry for Woki with whom I had the privilege and honor of closely working with the past 4 years. I think of all the good work she did in Somalia. For Somali people. Good work on girls education and the empowerment of Somali women.

We cry for Brenda. For Stephen and for Payenda.

We cry for our soldiers who were killed protecting our people.

We mourn our fallen heroes and sheroes.

We saw the pictures of how it happened.

Mutilated bodies and broken stuff.

We saw a shoe. A diary. Someone’s keys. Maybe of someone’s home.

Some broken glass.

I also saw a leg. A woman’s leg.

And then there was a decapitated head.

They said it was of the killer.

I saw blood. Lots of blood.

How can anything be ever the same again?

How can we pretend as though nothing has happened?

And be expected to go about doing same old things?

And then I passed by the same spot the day after.

I drove there to say a prayer. Pay my respects.

I saw blood. I saw life taken.

I saw faces. Familiar faces. I saw people I worked with.

I saw. I saw. And I can still see it today

It is saved in the memory of my heart.

I also felt pain. Lots of pain.

Questions of how and why?

Who and what?

We have lost colleagues and good friends at ‪#‎UNICEF‬ today.

Fallen heroes and sheroes.

Others terribly wounded.

While serving our people.

Providing for our children.

Somali children.

What did they do wrong?

What was their crime?

Oh dear God.

Where are we safe then?

Where do we go?

Where do we call home?

Where where where?



5 thoughts on “Fallen (s)heroes, fallen colleagues ‪#‎UNICEF‬

  1. Thank you for writing this poem Sahro. It reads like a wail of grief and that it should; I can feel your raw pain through your words. It is just beyond comprehension. I was devastated when I heard the news. Why target the defenceless???

  2. thanks Sahro for this . The pain just doesnt go away . Every day we try to move on with so much difficulty. May the souls of our dear heroes and sheroes rest in eternal peace !!!

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